University of Montana graduate students are helping to give Missoula a personal link to the need in Nepal after a powerful earthquake hit last weekend. Wednesday through Friday this week, April 29, Tek Chetrri will be at a table in the UC Center on campus asking for donations.

"I am from Nepal," Chhetri said, "The situation right now in Nepal is devastating. There is a shortage of everything right now, people are living outside of their homes because there is a risk the whole house could collapse after the quake."

All of the money raised will be handed over to professional aid workers.

"We will give the take, whatever is collected to the Red Cross, and the Montana Red Cross will send it to the Red Cross in Nepal to get it to the people in need," Chhetri said.

Chhetri will be at his fundraising table in the UC Center between 10 a.m and 2 p.m. The need is indeed great, so far, the official death toll in Nepal is over 5,000 with some experts predicting a final count of over 50,000 dead.


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