University of Montana President Royce Engstrom was in Washington, D.C over the weekend, but expressed his sorrow and condolences over three student deaths that occurred this weekend.

KGVO News reached out to President Engstrom, and received a phone call late Monday night.

"We have had a very sad weekend at the University of Montana," Engstrom said. "We suffered the loss of three students in three separate but very unrelated circumstances this weekend. The third apparently died of an illness."

Engstrom said the thoughts and prayers of everyone at the University were with those who suffered the loss of friends or family.

"Our hearts go out to the families of those three students, and all the friends they have here at the University of Montana," he said. "It's such an unusual circumstance to have these things happen over one single weekend, but the pain and suffering of all the families and friends are certainly in our thoughts and prayers."

Engstrom pointed out the many resources on campus for those who may be overcome with grief over their loss.

"We have counseling services through the Curry Health Center," he said. "I encourage anyone who feels they need to make use of those services to contact the Curry Health Center right away, and there will be professionals on staff there to help with counseling and with grieving."

Engstrom was speaking of the deaths of Kole Swartz, who died from an accidental shooting, and two other students, one who died in his Craig Hall dorm room via suicide, and the third, an unidentified student of the law school, who died from al illness.