Thousands of students, faculty and staff will be descending on the University of Montana campus in the next few weeks, and the administration has been preparing an all-out effort to keep everyone as safe as possible.

That effort starts with the creation of ‘Healthy Griz Kits’ for every student, staff and faculty member.

Director of UM Conference and Events Services Shannon Brilz has details.

“We are excited to be putting together what we're calling Healthy Griz Kits,” said Brilz.  “So every faculty staff and student will be getting a kit that first week of school, and they contain two branded new Griz masks, as well as a hand sanitizer, a micro cloth and a bottle of disinfectant.”

Brilz gave credit to the many volunteers who were putting the over 15,000 Health Griz Kits together in the West Auxiliary Gym in the Adams Center.


“We are grateful to have help from our advocates and they're part of our orientation team,” she said. “So they're getting ready for our new students that are moving in starting the 12th, and they'll be getting their kits when they start moving in. We have our awesome staff and faculty that today right now and we have a lot of our athletic department here. So they're volunteering their time this morning.”

Brilz explained why everyone on campus must have a ‘Safe Griz Kit’.

“The idea is just to have something small and compact that you'll carry with you all the time,” she said.  “With the micro cloth and disinfectant you will in the classroom, go in and you would wipe down your desk and your chair when you get to the classroom and say if you go into the Food Zoo or the University Center. Then around campus, there will be refilling stations so you'll be able to refill your disinfectant bottle and also your hand sanitizer bottle.”

Several student groups were helping out with the Healthy Griz Kits, including the Pacific Islanders Club.

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