At each Montana Grizzly home football game, the announcer says ‘the University of Montana is a tobacco free zone, we appreciate your cooperation’.

Now, health officials have added e-cigarettes to its Tobacco Free policy, along with cigarettes and cigars, according to Curry Health Center media specialist Jessica Vizzutti.

“We have added e-cigarettes to our tobacco-free policy,” said Vizzutti. “We’ve seen a rise in the use of e-cigarettes among high school and college students, and we’re responding to the changing face of the market.”

Some call it ‘vaping’ while others call it ‘juuling’.

“It is a source of nicotine that students can use through an e-cigarette, and we really support a healthy environment with smoke-free and tobacco-free on campus, including nicotine use, so by including e-cigarettes in the policy, we’re trying to promote a healthy smoke-free environment.”

Regarding enforcement of the tobacco-free policy, Vizzutti said it’s more about sharing information than enforcing a rule.

“We’re looking at it as an opportunity to educate people on the dangers of e-cigarettes,” she said. “There have been situations where they have exploded in people’s faces when they’re using them. Also, they are another nicotine delivery system that has its own dangers as outlined by the Surgeon General. It’s an opportunity to educate someone about why e-cigarettes are not a healthy choice.”

Vizzutti said the ban also will help to deter second hand smoke on campus.


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