This could be the start of a beautiful friendship, as Uber, the University of Montana and the Missoula DUI Task Force join forces to curb drunk driving after Grizzly games.

Director of the DUI Task Force, Lonnie Hutchison said the recent launch of Uber in Montana ushered in a new vehicle to help stop drunk driving, especially after football, basketball and other university related events.

"Uber is working with Grizzly athletics to get the word out to students that they can score a discounted ride with the promo code 'Go Griz', and we're hoping that folks will take advantage of this safe ride alternative," Hutchison said. "We just came out of one of our DUI Task Force meetings, and one of our long-standing members reported that she is now an Uber driver, and he ended up giving 21 rides this weekend, and 19 of those passengers had been drinking, so it's very exciting that we have all these additional safe-ride options."

Hutchison said Uber is another tool to help keep impaired drivers off the road.

"We don't want to forget about 'Call a Friend', or just having someone in your group to be a designated driver," she said. "We're very excited about our partnership with Uber and the Grizzly sports program, since we don't have the funding to publicize our programs. We're also very excited that legislation was passed in the 2015 session that allowed for additional ride sharing programs to come into Montana."

To receive the $15 discount, use the promo code 'Go Griz' after contacting Uber. The pickup zone is located directly in front of the Adams Center parking lot.


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