On December 28, 2014, Montana Highway Patrol troopers Wade Palmer, and then cadet T.J. Templeton were first to respond to an accident on I-90 near Frenchtown. On Tuesday, the two were honored by Montana's Attorney General for their bravery.

During the ceremony, officials showed an edited version of Palmer's dash-cam video of the accident.

The first vehicle had slid on the icy highway into the guardrail when Palmer and Templeton pulled up in their patrol car, however, before they could exit the vehicle, a semi-truck crashed into the first vehicle crushing it against the guardrail, and causing the female driver to be ejected across the road into a barrow pit, where she lay unconscious. The two troopers were unaware of her until several minutes later, when she regained consciousness and began moaning. Trooper Palmer then rushed to her side, as cars and trucks sped by on the icy highway. Palmer shielded the injured woman as a truck sped by and crashed into the other vehicles.


Palmer and Templeton took control of the scene and called for medical and other law enforcement personnel to respond to the accident.

The victims of the accident were there to personally thank the two troopers and their families. They specifically requested not to interviewed or photographed by the press at the ceremony.

As a result of their actions, Montana Attorney General Tm Fox and senior MHP officials presented Palmer with the Medal of Valor, stating that he performed his duties with valor, bravery and true professionalism in the face of a trooper's ultimate threat.

Then cadet, now trooper T.J. Templeton received the Meritorious Service Award for personal dedication, assistance and conscious concern for human life on December 28, 2014.

Attorney General Tim Fox and Award Ceremony

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