Christmas season is over and that means there are many trees that Missoulians need to remove from their homes. Forester Chris Boza says there are two locations where folks can drop off their old trees.

“The first drop off location is in McCormick Park and the second location is in Playfair Park,” said Boza. “We will be collecting trees until the middle of January. The folks from our street department take the trees out to Garden City Compost where they are ground out and mixed with sewage sludge.”

According to Boza, this is a completely free and environmentally friendly way to get rid of an unwanted tree.

“Folks can always make donations to Friends of Missoula park if they wish to, but the drop off is free,” Boza said. “That way we can divert trees from going to the landfill.”

Boza says they typically receive anywhere from 5,000 to 6,000 trees each year.

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