There was a lot of people thinking we were crazy to go fly fishing and there was no open water (or at least any that was fish-able)... well we found some and yeah we might still be crazy.

It's the year of the female when it comes to fly fishing and I truly believe that. Kelly and I were talking about how in the last two years we have both seen such a jump in women fly fishing. It's great to see so many female anglers out there now days and it is important that we learn, teach and advise others. Knowledge is power and properly treating our fish and conservation with respect is vital.

That was the bigger picture here, yeah we are two girlfriend out to wet a line but underneath that was thirst for knowledge, thirst to teach and share and an overall love of the outdoors. We went up north in search of some open water and we found it. I wasn't having much luck but Kelly thought we should switch up the bugs and it proved successful. We caught three fish total!

During our fly fishing excursion I learned about where fish whole up in the winter opposed to summer. The oxygen levels varying in seasons, about a new type of worm, how to properly hold a fish for a picture while not putting a ton of stress on the fish and some releasing info.

Two gals fly fishing in Western Montana... doesn't get much better then that!



    Winter Fly Fishing

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