Update Friday, January 3: According to News Channel 8 in Portland, Sarah Jo Johnson and Dale Edward Wallace, suspects in a Butte robbery, were tracked down by law enforcement to Lincoln City in northwest Oregon. After a tense standoff with authorities, Johnson took her own life. Wallace, who attempted to escape was run over by a police cruiser and is in critical condition at a hospital.

Original story, Thursday, January 2: Two suspects in a Butte armed robbery that occurred Monday, December 30, have reportedly been seen in Missoula and other cities across Montana.

"We don't know that they'd still be in the Missoula area," said Butte-Silver Bow Sheriff Ed Lester on Thursday, January 2, "They seem to be moving around quite a bit.  We're getting reports from a number of different places."

The two suspects have been seen driving in multiple stolen vehicles, but Lester said that they are currently driving a 2014 Jeep Compass. On New Years Eve, a Missoulian reported seeing a female similar in description to Johnson (photo above) driving a new model Jeep.

Johnson and Wallace are wanted for holding up a Coins and Card store in Butte.

"The male owner of the store reported that a male and a female entered his store," Said Lester. "They had a large caliber handgun. They tied him up and put him in the back room of the business. They took some coins, some firearms, and cash. They then left the business with his vehicle, which was a 1999 Buick."

After the robbery, the shop owner (in his 70s) was able to free himself from his restraints and call 911.The Buick was recovered in a small town near Butte, where the two suspects are believed to have stolen the Jeep Compass.

Sarah Jo Johnson (AKA Sarah Jo Hoy) has been in trouble with the law before. She was charged with assault on a minor in Missoula in 2008 and served 24 months in jail. Johnson is in her early 30s, is 5' 3'' tall, and has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Photo courtesy of Montana Offender Search https://app.mt.gov/conweb/

Dale Edward Wallace is also in his early 30s, with brown hair and hazel eyes. He is approximately 5' 7'' tall and has numerous tattoos including:

  • TATTOO LEG, RIGHT, NONSPECIFIC        Naked Woman, "Xiii" On Banner
  • TATTOO HAND, LEFT                                  "13", STAR, "SOUTH SIDE"
  • TATTOO ARM, LEFT UPPER                       "Baby Boy"
  • TATTOO ABDOMEN                                     Flames
  • TATTOO CHEST                                           Panther, "Melissa"
  • TATTOO NECK                                             Tibetan Lettering, "MELISSA"
  • TATTOO ARM, LEFT,                                    Non-specific, Sleeved
  • TATTOO HAND, RIGHT                                "SOUTH SIDE"