Two suspects, 34 year-old Cory Spurlock and his 32 year-old wife Orit Oged appeared in Missoula Justice Court before Judge Landee Holloway to hear the charges against them; two counts of murder and conspiracy.

A third suspect, 35 year-old Bradley Kohorst was arrested and detained in Phoenix,Arizona.

It was revealed on Friday that Oged was a dance instructor in Missoula prior to her arrest.

“You are appearing before the court because the County Attorney's office has filed a fugitive from justice complaint,” said Judge Holloway. “They're alleging that you have been charged in the state of California with the following crimes or offenses, and said jurisdiction California penal code 187 sub-section A, homicide, a felony, and also the same for count three is California penal code 182 A1, conspiracy, a felony and said jurisdiction has fled that jurisdiction and it was believed here in the state of Montana.”

When asked on the question for bond for both defendants, Deputy Missoula County Attorney Mac Bloom spoke for the state.

“Your Honor, I believe in the California warrants, the state of California is requesting no bail,” said Bloom. “The court obviously knows that in Montana bail normally must be set, however Montana code annotated section 4691021 says that all persons shall be bailable before conviction except when death is a possible punishment.”

Bloom continued with the no bail argument.

“Pursuant to the California Penal Code Section 190-A, murder in the first degree is punishable by death, so the state is authorized in this case to ask for no bail. And since the state of California is requesting, and the state of Montana is requesting the same, you will be retained at the Missoula County detention facilities and turned over to the Missoula County Sheriff's Office with a no bail hold.”

Spurlock and Oged are accused of two murders in Mono County California that allegedly occurred in November, 2020.

The process of extradition involves a Governor’s warrant from California, and Missoula County Attorney Kirsten Pabst said on Friday’s Talk Back program that the process could take up to several months, so Spurlock and Oged will remain in the Missoula County Jail without bond.

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