A man who was floating the Clark Fork River on Sunday afternoon had both his legs broken when a young man jumped off the Bandmann Bridge and landed on him.

Missoula County Sheriff's Department Public Information Officer Paige Pavalone says the tuber and his wife were floating under the bridge at the time of the accident.

"The accident occurred near Deer Creek Road," Pavalone said. "As he was floating, he was jumped on by someone off the bridge. The kid that jumped off the bridge landed on the tuber and broke both of the tuber's legs. The jumper received injuries as well."

There are signs prohibiting jumping off the bridge.

"Not only is parking an issue at these bridge areas," Pavalone said. "But we also want people to call in and report if they see someone jumping off these bridges, because now we've got one person this summer who's been pretty seriously injured."

Pavalone did not have any information as to whether the jumper might face any legal charges over the incident.

"The person involved has not been charged, as he was injured himself, but we will review the report here and see if the county attorney wants to bring any charges."

The injured tuber was transported to St. Patrick Hospital with two broken legs.

Paige Pavalone, Missoula County Sheriff's Department