Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - For the first time since 2009, the Bobby Hauck led Montana Grizzlies are headed to the FCS Championship game in Frisco, Texas.

KGVO News reached out to Dave Kuntz, Director of Strategic Communications for the University of Montana about how Griz fans can get all the information they need to get tickets and travel information for the trip to the National Championship game on January 7.

Get Details on Tickets, Travel Packages and Accommodations on the Website

“The march continues for a championship, and so folks need to know that the university has set up really a one-stop shop,” began Kuntz. “On our website, you'll find a link that's titled ‘The Road to Frisco’ and you'll see it right on the main page. Folks can get on that website and it will have all the information needed, from travel packages to tickets to the game and the schedule of events down in Texas, so that's going to be our official home here for the next three weeks as we continue to update people on different events happening in different opportunities.”

Kuntz reminds Griz fans that the stadium in Frisco, Texas only holds about 20,000 people and that tickets are already going fast for Griz and South Dakota State Jackrabbit fans who plan on attending the game.

The Frisco, Texas Stadium Only Holds about 20,000 People

“The University (of Montana) was not provided a large allotment, so for the game, it's going to be roughly about 5,000 tickets. That's to cover the responsibilities of the team’s families and the bands, etc. So really, there's two options; go through one of those packages, which are going to be hosted by the UM Alumni Association, and like I said, they're going quick, or there's probably a higher volume of opportunity available for folks to get on those trusted third party ticket vendors, like StubHub and SeatGeek and book independent travel down there (to Frisco, Texas)."

Kuntz emphasized the pride of the University of Montana and all of the state in the Grizzlies’ win over North Dakota State and the entire football season.

All of Montana is Proud that the Grizzlies are in the National Championship Game

“It's really exciting to showcase our university and our state on such a national stage and Saturday's game really capped off a really strong fall for the university,” he said. “That’s everything from our third consecutive year of enrollment growth to some of our big infrastructure projects coming to fruition. We also had record attendance at soccer and volleyball, and then of course, there's the championship football run. So it's really special time to be a Griz, and there's no intention of slowing it down. We’ve got a championship game here in three weeks and the spring semester will kick it off right after that, so we're just going to keep this momentum rolling into the New Year.”

The Grizzlies won two National Championships in 1995 under Coach Don Read and in 2001 under Coach Joe Glenn.

Click the links above to access details on getting to the National Championship game in Frisco, Texas.

Kuntz also put to rest any rumors about the goal posts at Washington Grizzly Stadium being carried out by exuberant fans. He said UM security made sure the goal posts were safely stored away for next season.

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