Missoula, MT (KGVO-AM News) - Democrat Monica Tranel was on Talk Back on Tuesday to talk about her second run for Montana’s Western District Congressional seat against Ryan Zinke, the Republican who defeated her by about three points two years ago.

Tranel was proud of her showing in the last election against a high-profile Republican like Ryan Zinke.

Monica Tranel on her Second Campaign against Ryan Zinke

“I got to 75 percent name recognition, which was great and outperformed every other (Congressional) race in the country in a Trump district and had no national party support,” said Tranel. “I raised $3 million dollars and 80 percent of that was from Montanans, and I'm proud of that. It was the people in Montana who wanted me in Congress, and, in contrast, less than 10 percent of Ryan Zinke’s money came from Montana, and that's proving out again, in this election cycle. We're seeing that same dynamic. I've been raising money and most of it's coming from Montana and Ryan Zinke’s getting funded by out-of-state corporations.”

Tranel was proud of her work to help lower Northwestern Energy’s recent rate increase to its consumers.

Tranel Worked Against Northwestern Energy's Rate Increase

“I have been walking into hearings where I'm the only lawyer, and on the other side are 10 lawyers from Northwestern Energy,” she said. “I have stood up for you and I have kept $10 million in your pocket. So look at my record, look at what I've done. Judge me by that. Judge me not by what we're saying here to get elected to Congress, but by what I've done.”

When asked about issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage, Tranel said Montanans should have the freedom to make their own life choices.

Tranel said Montanans Should be able to Live Their Own Lives

“My position is that I think people in Montana should be able to have the freedom and privacy to live life on their own terms, that you should be able to make the decisions about your family that are right for you,” she said. “That's a decision about privacy, and that's a decision about freedom, and I do not want the federal government telling me whether, when, and with whom I have a family; that's my business.”

Tranel is an attorney and a former Olympic rower who competed in the 1996 and 2000 Olympic Games.

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