Pretty much everything we'll ever know about the Titanic has already been revealed, but our fascination with the doomed ocean liner endures.

The latest piece of inventory to captivate our imagination? This striking video from a group called Titanic Honor and Glory, which re-creates its infamous real time. Yes, the clip runs just north of two hours, 40 minutes, which is how long it took for the ship to go down in the frigid North Atlantic.

The video picks up the moment the crew sees the iceberg in the distance (11:39 p.m.) and hits it one minute later. It also features notes on what was happening at precise moments, as well as the physical changes the vessel experienced leading up to and including its submersion into the water at 2:20 a.m..

There are also different angles and looks at the Titanic to give the viewer a more thorough understanding of what took place.

Yes, it's a long video, but it is compelling and the end of it - despite our knowledge of what happened -- is haunting, as you witness the speed the boat ultimately plunges into the water. The sound effects of people shouting and the volume at which the liner goes into the water are especially chilling.

The video has been viewed nearly five million times (although we're willing to bet not all of those were in its entirety), proving that, yes, we are still very taken by the Titanic's demise.

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