On December 19, Three individuals will gather in Helena to cast Montana's electoral votes for President of the United States. Nancy Ballance is a Republican Legislator from Hamilton and she explains what will happen at the State Capitol.

"There is an opening meeting at 2:00 p.m. by the Secretary of State," said Ballance. "Then following the presentation of colors, the pledge of allegiance and a roll call, we as electors are then sworn in. Then we cast our ballots for the President of the United States."

According to Ballance, she has received dozens of letters and over a hundred emails asking, and some not very nicely, that she cast her vote for someone other than Donald Trump.

"We sign them, it is not a selection other than we just sign that we are electing Donald J. Trump," Ballance said. "When we first became electors, we signed pledges that we would in fact cast out ballots for the nominee of our party."

Ballance said some letters even "bordered on bribery" when saying they would pay her legal fees if she chose to break faith with her pledge to vote for Donald Trump.

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