A Thompson Falls man is charged with bilking a man who has dementia out of at least $71,000 and transferring ownership of the elderly man's ranch and other property to himself.

The Missoulian reports 53-year-old Daryl Enos Strang pleaded not guilty on May 12 to two felony counts of abuse or exploitation of an older person for actions that occurred between January and September of 2013. He has posted a $50,000 bond.

Mineral County prosecutors allege Strang knowingly abused or neglected 84-year-old Ben Poat while acting as his caregiver by depriving him of adequate food and by using a power of attorney obtained from Poat to take money from Poat's bank accounts and to obtain ownership of Poat's 100-acre ranch and its buildings along with three vehicles.

The property has been returned.