Theft and break-ins are a hot topic of discussion this summer and Paige Pavalone with the Missoula County Sheriff’s Department said break-ins have become an almost regular occurrence in and around Missoula.

"Last week we had a slough of vehicle break ins out in Elmar Estates west of Missoula on Mullan Road. It sounds like several residents were hit," Pavalone said. "Their vehicles were unlocked, were entered, and then rifled through. Whoever got into the cars was looking through personal information in the glove box. Nothing was stolen in those cases, but we also had a second slough of vehicle break ins out in Bonner across the mill."

Pavalone said just this week, several cases were reported to the sheriff’s office where not only were vehicles broken into, but personal items were stolen and strewn around the cabin.

"If somebody has had a vehicle broken into, absolutely call 911," Pavalone said. "It's perfectly acceptable, it doesn't have to be for an emergency to call 911. That's the launching point for investigations to begin. Law enforcement won't become aware of the information if we don't start at the launching point at 911 and people call in and report that there is either suspicious activity, their vehicle was broken into, or their vehicle was broken into and items were stolen. All of those are qualifiers to call 911."

Pavalone encourages anyone with information about the break-ins to report it immediately.

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