Photo courtesy of Jon King

It's a busy week in the studio for Talk Back, with more guests than ever before. Here's a peek at what to expect...

On Monday, we will begin our new Health Talk segment with Community Medical Center CEO Dean French, MD. We will discuss the new format and topics to come. Health Talk will run for the first half hour of Talk Back every Monday. After that, we will speak with former UM law professor and current constitutional scholar for the Independence Institute, Rob Natelson. Natelson's work is often cited at the U.S. Supreme Court and has a long tradition of working in Missoula radio.

On Tuesday, we will begin the show with a discussion about the Special Olympics, followed by a brief interview with Congressman Ryan Zinke. After that we will speak with some of the residents of Mary Avenue to hear their point of view on the city's expansion plan.

On Wednesday, we will speak with UM Economics Professor Richard Erb as part of our Political Science on the radio segment.

On Thursday, we will speak with Montana vets and chiropractor Troy Doxy about the difficulties that vets have been facing in getting coverage for treatment.

Finally, on Friday we will speak with Missoula County Attorney Kirsten Pabst, and withe Traolach O'Riordain from the Friends of Irish Studies about St. Patrick's Day.

*Sorry if you missed our weekly updates for a while. If you are glad they are back, be sure to thank Talk Back caller Elaina.