The snowpacolypse continues in western Montana, but it's not going to stop the Talk Back show. Here's who we'll be speaking to this week.

On Monday, we will kick off the week with a mix of guests and open phones. We will be speaking with representatives from Missoula's Dream Center. After that, we will speak to a Missoula County Sheriff's Deputy who wants to speak out about the accusations of gender discrimination being leveled at the sheriff's office.

On Tuesday we will speak with Constitutional scholar Rob Natelson. If you have questions about the history or interpretation of our nations founding document, here's your chance to speak with one of the nation's leading minds on the issue.

On Wednesday we will speak with tax afficianado Walt Kero.

On Thursday we will speak with the chair of the Montana State Finance Committee, Llew Jones. Ever wondered why exexutive employee pay never went down during the recession?  Jones has the answer.

On Friday we will close out the week with open phones!

That's it for the week, talk to you soon.

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