It's another full week of Talk Back shows, in fact, the schedules so packed with guests there's only about an hour's worth of open phones for the whole week. Should be good stuff though, here's a peek.

On Monday, we will speak with the director Vickie Abeles about her film "Race to Nowhere," which seeks to reform American education so that it induces less stress and better prepares children for the future. We will also speak with Potomac/Corvallis Superintendent Tim Johnson. The only way to see this film is in a community setting and it will be coming to Missoula soon, listen to the show for more details.

On Tuesday, we will speak with Jeff Barnes, a lawyer whose firm Foreclosure Defense Nationwide, specializes in, well, foreclosure defense. Barnes will explains how banks have taken advantage of homeowners, and how homeowners can fight back.

On Wednesday, we will spend the first 30 minutes wit Mike Fierberg from the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services. After that, we'll throw open the doors to some open phones chaos.

On Thursday, we will be speaking with James Pond, Executive Director of Transitions Global and Bob Seidenschwartz from the Montana World Affairs Council. Pond works to end human trafficking and repair lives shattered by this deplorable institution.

On Friday, we will speak with U.S. House candidate and former Seal Team 6 member Ryan Zinke.

That's it for this week,  Talk to you soon!

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