The Montana Economic Minute which plays on KGVO every morning recently received some national acclaim. Bureau of Business and Economic Research Director and voice of the economic Minute Patrick Barkey explains.

“I was a little surprised,” Barkey said. “In fact, I was just casually reading a ranking of podcasts and noticed that we were on the list. I looked more closely and actually realized it has been three years running that we have made this list of top 25 economic podcasts. The ranking was done by an outfit called, now don’t laugh when you hear this, The Intelligent Economist.”

The top 25 economic podcasts aren’t ranked, so Barkey doesn’t know if he’s number one or number 25. From his point of view, It’s a great way to explain stuff that impacts everyone.

“I think it has been a very useful way for us to get people thinking about economic issues in general conversation,” Barkey said. “I think there is only less than one percent of the American adult population that has economic training, which is probably how it should be and yet economic issues affect 100% of us if you ask me, in terms of our quality of life.”

If you miss an episode, or want to listen to an older one you can find the podcasts online at the Montana Bureau of Business and Economic Research website at

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