The Missoula County Election Advisory Committee is comprised of seven members. Administrative Assistant Sarah Bell says the Board of County Commissioners appoints three citizen members, one Missoula County employee and one member representing people with disabilities. The Democrat Central Committee and the Republican Central Committee each select one member as well.

“It is a good variety of different members throughout Missoula County,” said Bell. “They just make sure the election process is fair and robust. It verifies that it is a trustworthy election. It makes sure that the elections are dotting their i’s and crossing their t’s with all of their information.”

According to Bell, the Missoula County EAC will have two terms expiring on January 31.

“When those terms expire, we just open it up for the current members to reapply if they are eligible and we also open it up for new members to apply,” Bell said. “We leave the application period open for a month and then we close it and do the interviews. Once the interview time has finished, the commissioners will either reappoint the current member or decide to bring on a new candidate.”

Bell says those who are interested in applying can do so online right here.

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