The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation will display the largest elk ever taken in Montana on May 8th. RMEF Spokesman Mark Holyoak says Steve Felix shot the bull on public land in eastern Montana last September.

“He went out and shot this elk and he realized it was large, but he has no idea until he took it to someone who could actually tell him hey this is really really big,” said Holyoak. “It is the largest elk ever taken in Montana, it is the largest taken with a bow and it is the largest taken in North America in almost 50 years. It is a big impressive animal.”

According to Holyoak, the animal was so big that it was extremely difficult for Felix to take it out of the forest.

“After Steve took this animal he had to haul it out in like five different trips,” Holyoak said. “He was by himself so it was an exhausting effort taking it out of the forest. He had the antlers on his back, but they were so large that they kept getting stuck in the ground as he was walking so it made his trip that much longer.”

Both Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young recognize this elk as a world record. Boone and Crockett is an organization that keeps track of trophy sized animals. Pope and Young does the same, but they focus on bow hunting.

Photo Courtesy of Steve Felix