Missoula, MT (KGVO-Am News) - On September 1, President Joe Biden delivered a speech to the nation from Freedom Hall in Philadelphia in which he accused many Americans, primarily conservatives, of being ‘semi-fascists’.

On Thursday’s KGVO Talk Back show, Rob Natelson, former University of Montana law professor and currently the Constitutional Fellow at the Independence Institute in Denver, referenced an article that he wrote for Town Hall entitled ‘Joe Biden’s Charge of Semi-Fascism’.

Who is the 'Semi-Fascist' Now?

“The most important part of the article is that it collects one case after another of overreaching by the Biden administration, including the weaponization of the FBI, the harassment of people who are otherwise good citizens without any kind of criminal records,” began Natelson. “There was also the intimidation that was directed toward some Supreme Court justices and the administration's refusal to do anything to enforce the law, their refusal to enforce the law pertaining to immigration, and a long list of overreaching executive orders issued without approval of Congress.”

In addition to the content of Biden’s speech, Natelson drew attention to the setting and background of the speech in shades of red and black.

The Red and Black Background Signals Fascism

“There's also the very interesting thing that's become the ‘meme’ and that is Joe Biden in front of the red and black background in his September 1 speech,” he said. “Red and black, of course, is a color scheme that historically has been associated with fascist movements. Why his staff chose that color scheme, I'm not sure. Remember, he's also flanked by Marine officers. So, the attempt to anger and intimidate is suggested by what was done there.”

One Talk Back caller asked Natelson how to fix the dismal state of civics education in U.S. public schools.

“The quick and facile answer to the problem in our public school system is more school choice,” he said. “More school choice will encourage competition, enable parents to get their kids out of failing schools, and so forth, and I agree that school choice is an important part of this. That's why I was involved in helping to convince the Supreme Court to rule in favor of school choice for Montana in the Espinosa case.

Natelson wrapped up his visit by encouraging listeners to help fix the problem by taking part in November’s general election.

The Solution Lies in the Ballot Box

“There is a disturbing pattern of the Biden administration cooperating with social media and otherwise apparently exercising pressure to interfere with First Amendment rights,” he said. “But this appears to be the most coordinated, most intense attack on the First Amendment, both in free speech rights and religious rights that we have seen for many, many years, probably since the aftermath of World War One. It is a matter of very great concern and one way you can respond to it is by your vote in less than four weeks.”

Click here to hear the entire 90-minute visit with Rob Natelson.

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