College football fans are now coming down from the bowl season high they have been experiencing for more than a week. Alabama fans are celebrating their national title. And yet again, the BCS system overshadows all of it.


This happens every year. At the end of every regular season I can remember, there has been at least one team wronged by this biased system. Boise State fans I'm looking at you...


To support my opinion, I'm going to look at last year's NFL season as a whole. Your eventual Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers barely snuck into the playoffs as a wild card winner. They had a very tough road to the title and they overcame almost insurmountable odds. If the NFL used the BCS system, Green Bay wouldn't have even had the chance to play in the chipper. The same can be said for any of the champions in previous years that have started as a wild card.


The brilliant concept of the playoffs is that the best team wins. The team that is playing the best no matter their record. It's fair and gives everyone who deserves to play a chance.


I understand that the BCS ranking and bowl system is about the money, but it shouldn't be if it sacrifices the integrity of the game. I guarantee that there is money to be made in a playoff system. I just hope we see a change in the way things are done, for the sake of the underdogs. We can hope still hope though right?


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