Missoula Rises will presents another community forum on February 26, entitled ‘Tacking Sexism’ with Coach Bobby Hauck.

On the group’s Facebook page, this description of the event was given:

‘Members of the Missoula Community who are concerned about toxic masculinity, sexism, sexual harassment, and sexual abuse within our local collegiate athletics are invited to attend this forum and panel discussion’.

Director Erin Erickson explained the purpose behind the group’s latest discussion.

“We want the community to have a good understanding about what the university has done, what it hasn’t done, what they’re responsible for and no responsible for in terms of fan behavior. They’ll be able to ask questions to the new coach and the university.”

Erickson said Coach Hauck will be just one member of the panel.

“We’ll have Coach Bobby Hauck, and also Drew Collings from SARC (Student Advocacy Resource Center),” she said. ‘We’ll also have Lisa Davey, who started a petition to keep the university from hiring Coach Hauck. She’ll be talking about how she was treated online after she started that petition. Also on the panel will be Brint Wahlberg, an avid member of the online Griz Nation fan forum, who is a member of Missoula Rises.”

Erickson said the forum will last approximately 90 minutes from 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. The location is yet to be determined, as organizers are looking for a larger venue to hold the expected crowd.

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