Two men are facing multiple felonies after a Missoula resident reported a suspicious smell on Monday afternoon, April 30, coming from a business in the Franklin to the Fort Neighborhood, not far from Sovereign Hope Church. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh explains.

"Just about 7:30 p.m., officers responded to the complaint of a suspicious odor coming from a business int he 1800 block of North Avenue West, when they arrived they were able to smell the distinctive odor of what they described as marijuana, and immediately noted an exhaust fan over the door that was blowing out the odor," Welsh said.

The Missoula Drug Task Force obtained a search warrant and found "numerous marijuana plants" growing in the building as well as "paraphernalia used in the manufacture and cultivation of marijuana." Police spoke directly with a man that came to the door.

"That male was unable to produce any documentation or credible evidence that he was acting as a marijuana provider for medical marijuana patients," Welsh said. "Police learned that there was another male located inside and he was asked to come out and he did. So, two adult males were taken into custody: Craig Coolidge, who is 42-years of age and Daniel Hinschberger, 32 years old."

The two men each face the same two felony charges: Criminal Production or Manufacture of Dangerous Drugs and Criminal Possession With Intent to Distribute.

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