Two males, one adult and one juvenile, have been identified and arrested for the burglary of the Lolo Peak Brewery.

Public Information Officer for the Missoula County Sheriff's Office, Paige Pavalone, said the two were apprehended over the weekend.

"Detectives from the Missoula County Sheriff's Office had information that led them to identify two possible suspects in the burglary," Pavalone said. "The detectives interviewed both of the males and both provided full confessions. Some of the stolen items have been recovered, in addition to some cash that was not originally reported stolen, $1,000, that the two had already spent. Both have been identified, although they have not been formally charged."

Items stolen included A professional grade Nikon camera –with large lenses, a Dell Laptop computer, a Macbook Pro computer, and three Samsung Galaxy Tablets.

Pavalone said one of the suspects is a 17 year-old juvenile, while the other is an 18 year-old adult, and both are residents of Lolo.


Public Information Officer Paige Pavalone