42 year-old Brian Weber was sentenced on Thursday in federal court in Great Falls to 180 months in prison for distribution of heroin and methamphetamine by District Judge Brian Morris, in a press release from the office of Montana’s U.S. Attorney Kurt Alme.

Weber also remains a leading suspect in an open case in Ravalli County for the brutal murders of three women at a beauty salon in Florence.

Ravalli County Sheriff Steve Holton said Weber is still very much a person of interest.

“Mr. Weber was at the time, and still is, a prime suspect in that,” said Holton. “There were some roadblocks that came up over the case of, not only the investigation but the prosecution due to the time limits of charging in the federal system. Then, also, some of the witnesses either refusing to testify or in the case of one witness I can think of, a prime witness who is deceased now.”

Spokesperson for Montana’s U.S. Attorney Kurt Alme, Claire Johnson Howard, said Weber received an enhanced sentence.

“Brian Weber is a dangerous criminal with a substantial criminal history,” said Howard. “Because of that, we asked for an enhanced sentence provided by statute, to make sure Weber is removed from our communities for a long time. I want to than Assistant U.S. Attorney Jessica Bentley and the FBI’s regional Violent Crime Task Force in western Montana, including officers from probation and parole, and the sheriff’s offices in Lewis and Clark and Missoula Counties, and the Missoula Police Department for helping to get this case successfully prosecuted.”

Sheriff Steve Holton said the case in Ravalli County is still open.

“That case was dismissed in the federal system without prejudice which means that if we could get additional information or evidence, then we could recharge that,” he said.

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