On Wednesday, The Missoula Organization of Realtors unveiled the results of a survey at Missoula City Council which asked Missoulians questions about housing and growth. MOR Public Affairs Director Sam Sill says a large majority were concerned about the cost of housing.

“I think one of the big takeaways was that the community recognizes that the unaffordability of housing in Missoula County is increasingly becoming a problem,” said Sill. “They would like the community to come together to proactively address the affordability issue. Only 23 percent said they were satisfied with the cost of housing.”

Survey respondents were asked to choose what type of neighborhood they would prefer: one with houses on large lots with more driving, or more compact, mixed-use neighborhoods designed for walking.

“Those are two fairly distinct communities and what we found was that just about half preferred the community with the bigger houses, bigger lots, and more driving,” Sill said. “About half preferred the community with the smaller houses, smaller yards, and less driving.”

Sill says 400 Missoula area voters answered the survey questions.


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