On January 14, The Missoula County Public School Board met to vote on a possible raise for Missoula area teachers and Superintendent Alex Apostle. In a 6 - 4 decision, the board voted to give Apostle a 13 percent annual raise.

In comments made on Wednesday, January 16, Apostle commented that he did not request the raise and that the raise was issued based on "specific criteria" that was analyzed by the school board. Apostle also emphasized that "he has not received a raise of any kind for the the past two years."

This years raise is not the only raise approved. Next year, Apostle's salary is scheduled to rise another $10,000 to reach $185,000 from 2014, and up to $200,000 in 2015,

During the meeting all other MCPS employees received a two percent raise.

Superintendent Alex Apostle