I have to come clean to everybody before we start the article...

(I'm not a big fan of camping)

I know what you're thinking. "Why is this phony writing about camping if he's not a camper?" It's not that I dislike camping, it's just that I would prefer to sleep in my bed. My preferred day would be a long hike and end up back in town to shower and sleep.

I know, I know... what a lame-o I am.

BUT I stumbled upon a list from insuranks.com that listed the most popular place to camp in each state. The list was compiled by analyzing data from the top searched parks online.

Interesting statistics

One stat I found interesting was 2 out of 3 Americans camped in 2023, so far. That stat seems high, doesn't it? The study surveyed 1,000 participants, so it's a relatively small sample. For Western states, I believe 2 out of 3 is accurate but what about the millions, even billions, of people that live in large urban areas like Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles? I'm sure there are places to camp near those metropolises, but I still think 2 out of 3 is high.

Almost 2/3's of Americans believe camping spots have become busier since 2020. That makes complete sense to me. COVID hit and people wanted to retreat to the woods to escape all us dirty sickies.

The last stat I found intriguing was people, on average, had to make campsite reservations 6 months in advance. That seems crazy long to me but people love their rugged outdoors life.

Ok, without further ado, the winner in Montana was...

wait for it...

wait for it...

waaaittttttttttttt forrrrrrrrr itttttttt...

Ok, it was Glacier National Park

Is it surprising? No, I don't think so considering the same study found Glacier to be the

Photo by Cole Allen on Unsplash
Photo by Daniel Crowley on Unsplash

4th most searched park in the entire country trailing only Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon and Zion.

Idaho's most searched park was Yellowstone and  Washington was Olympic National Park.

Let us know what your favorite sites to camp are in and around Montana. Unless it's a secret campsite. in that case, keep it to yourself and keep enjoying the peace and quiet.

By the way, if you want something crazy to do at Glacier, check out what this guy did.

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