Montana Senator Steve Daines was on Fox News on Saturday morning and was praised by anchor Griff Jenkins for his actions to get new medications available to COVID 19 patients.

“Well, there’s great optimism,” said Daines. “We have some amazing drugs, in fact, I call them miracle drugs, and we’re working as quickly as possible to bring those drugs to market and get them in the hands of millions of Americans. There’s only two ways you can develop an immunity to the coronavirus. You either actually catch it and recover, or receive a vaccine. These are called monoclonal antibodies. They’re amazing drugs and thanks to American innovation and working with other scientists around the world, then we want to get these drugs into the hands of Americans as quickly as possible and to protect them.”

Daines was also praised for his efforts to help bring home American citizens who have recently been stranded in various countries around the world and have been unable to get flights back to their homes in the United States.

“We got in touch with the right folks on the ground and it was a real credit to the State Department,” he said. “Those men and women who are serving their country overseas by taking care of Americans, taking care of Montanans. They arrived back in America just last night, so there were some joyful reunions there, and that was from Peru. We talked out (people returning from) Dubai, and we also brought home a young man from Morocco. His father reached out to us from Dillon, Montana and was very concerned, and we brought Isaac back to Montana.”

Daines gave all the credit to his staff for working with the U.S. State Department in bringing those Montana citizens back safely to their homes and families.

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