On Tuesday morning, State Superintendent of Public Instruction Elsie Arntzen announced that she will seek re-election in 2020 as Montana’s top education official. Arntzen says she made this decision because there are still many things left to do.

“I have been in this position for two and a half years now and there has been great success,” Arntzen said. “My whole purpose is to turn this big machine of education to more of a focus on the student. I believe in great government. We have cut a lot, trimmed so many things at the state level, and given money to schools for that local control.”

According to Arntzen, local communities know what is best for their students and they know what is best for their family. Arntzen reminded folks that she kept the promises she made during the 2016 election and she plans to do the same if she wins re-election in 2020.

“I promise the voters that I am the champion for all of the students of Montana,” Arntzen said. “I champion their families. I firmly believe that every student should have an opportunity to reflect on who they are, to no only be proud of who they are, but to be proud of the community they live in and our beautiful state of Montana.”

Arntzen ensured that Montana schools were fully funded in the 2019 legislative session and her primary policy focus was on student safety. Arntzen is a Billings native who taught for 23 years in Billings Public Schools. She also represented the Billings-area for 12 years in the Montana Legislature before being elected State Superintendent.

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