Montana Insurance Commissioner Monica Lindeen said on Tuesday that Montanans who purchase health insurance in the state's federally built insurance marketplace can expect to pay a little less than average than what they would have paid had 'Obamacare" never passed.

Communications Director for Lindeen's office Jennifer McKee said on Tuesday that Montanans should not be worried about overpaying for coverage under Obamacare.

"A lot of people are concerned that Obamacare would raise the price of health insurance," McKee said. "Rates will be going up,that is a fact, but according to information released today, but they're not going to be going up as fast as everyone thought, and they're not going to be going up as they may have for some Montanans had Obamacare not passed."

McKee qualified her statements by defining the scope of the insurance coverage.

"I should add that what these numbers look at is just the insurance products that will be sold in what is called the 'online marketplace'. In the marketplace, Montanans who qualify, and it is estimated that over 80% will qualify, will also receive federal assistance in purchasing their insurance."

McKee said the online marketplace coverage is described with metallic terms, bronze, silver and gold.

"For a 25 year-old who purchases a bronze plan, the range is between $156 and $210," McKee said. "A 40 year-old purchasing the bronze plan ranges between $198 and $268. And, if you're 55 and purchasing a bronze plan would be from $346 to $467 per month."

McKee said there are three companies registered so far to offer insurance through the online marketplace.

"There's Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Pacific Source, and a new company called the Montana Co-op," McKee said. "Blue Cross and Pacific Source are private for-profit companies, while the Montana Co-op is just that, a co-op."

In August the federal government will be authorizing navigator grants that will employ groups of people who will be available to help customers better understand the process. The list of navigators will be available at the insurance commissioner's website.

Communications Director for Monica Lindeen, Jennifer McKee

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