The first baby to be born at St. Patrick Hospital since 1975 may arrive on the first day the new Family Maternity opens on Monday, August 3.

Dr. Janice Givler, Dr. Mark Garnaas, Dr. Jennifer Mayo and Dr. Robert Humble will the the OBGYN specialists on duty when the doors to the newly designed facility open. Givler said she has been telling her maternity patients that they might have the opportunity to have the first baby born at the center,

"We told them very early on in their pregnancies that we would be making this jump on August 3rd, and patients have been really receptive and excited about it," Dr. Givler said. "They were well aware of the fact that if they delivered before August 3rd, it would be at Community Medical Center, and on August 3rd or after, they would deliver here."

Regional Director of Women's Health, Kathy Schaefer, said the Family Maternity Center offers seven fully-equipped birthing suites.

"This is an LDRP Room, and we have seven of these rooms, standing for labor, delivery, recovery and post-partum," Schaefer said. "The mother is admitted into this room, and she'll remain in this room throughout her whole stay. When the baby is born, the baby will also stay in this room. There is a lot of room in this suite for family members to stay. A couch folds out into a bed We are really promoting the who family unit stay together. We'll have open visiting hours which will allow the family and extended family here at different hours of the day and night. We also have a three room nursery for the babies that need a little more nursing support, but mainly, the baby and the mom will be together in this room."

The Family Maternity Center will have a state of the art security system, so that the baby and the families will enjoy a safe stay while in the hospital.

The first baby born at St. Pat's was on August 19, 1881, and he last was born in 1975. Hospital officials have been contacting individuals who were born at St. Patrick Hospital prior to 1975, to let them know the circle will be completed on Monday, August 3, with the opening of the new facility.

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