Ravalli County currently has five County Commissioners, but will be shifting back to three in 2019. Though he was just put in office last year, Commissioner Chris Hoffman says he'll be back on the ballot again this year too.

"I took office as Ravalli County District three commissioner only a year ago and I've filed to run again," Hoffman said. "We knew when we filed two years ago that this was going to be a two year term, because we assumed that the local government study commission would put it on the ballot to return Ravalli County to a three member commission."

There are still a lot of questions concerning the seat reduction: for example, this time, commissioners are running for a four year term, however, to stagger the seats, the three winners will have to draw straws to see who will have to run again in just two years. Of course, not all of the current commissioners can continue to serve.

Doug Shallenberger from one of the south districts and Ray Hawk from the northernmost district have opted not to file this year, which leaves myself, Jeff Burrows and Greg Chilcott and, respectively, we each live in one of the three expected districts."

There is a chance that the districts could change too. Ravalli County is still going through a redistricting process for this election and a court is expected to adjudicate the new map on Thursday, January 18.

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