Most Montanans are eager for spring weather, but few more than Missoula County Public School District One Superintendent Mark Thane, who would love to see warmer temperatures so that Big Sky High School can put finishing touches on its track and field stadium.

"We actually have a number of track and field events that are scheduled to be hosted at Missoula County Public Schools Stadium," said Thane. "The stadium was under reconstruction last school year and as you may recal we had one of the rainiest Octobers on record. Unfortunately the last three spray coats on the track, we were unable to have the contractor apply because of weather conditions."

Now, the problem is snow and cold weather, which have persisted into April. Thane says to apply the last three coats of epoxy to the track, ambient air temperatures need to be above 50 degrees for ten hours a day, if that doesn’t happen, meets will need to be held elsewhere.

"In the interim, the dual meets and the regularly scheduled meets that we would normally host, will host at Dornblaser Field," Thane. "The University has been very accommodating in terms of that schedule. However, as soon as our track is completed, any remaining events will be held at Missoula County Public Stadium. The University has essentially given us an escape clause for those dates we have reserved."

The statewide A and C track meet is scheduled for Missoula on Memorial Day Weekend, Thane says “it’s difficult to fathom” that warmer, dry weather won’t occur before then.

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