Missoula County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Paige Pavalone on Wednesday clarified the situation regarding the extradition of accused killer Kevin Lino, currently in Louisiana, fighting his return to Missoula.

"The reason someone has to be extradited is if they have original charges from our jurisdiction," Pavalone said. "Here in Missoula County, we have charges of deliberate homicide for Kevin Joseph Lino. Right now, he is in a different jurisdiction, which is Cato Parish, Louisiana, next to Shreveport, Louisiana, so we need to extradite him back."

"The process involves a hearing where Mr. Lino will have an opportunity to waive extradition," she said. "What 'waiving extradition' means, is that he is going to come back willingly and compliantly. If he refuses to waive extradition, that means he is not going to come back willingly and compliantly. So, that means there will be another hearing later this week, which will be yet another opportunity for Mr. Lino to waive extradition, or choose to come back willingly. If he refuses, which he has already done, then the Missoula County Sheriff's office and the County Attorney's office will apply for a governor's warrant, which will take between four and six weeks to process. Then, it is physically signed by the governor, and that will force him to come back."

Some Missoula news outlets reported on Tuesday that Lino had agreed to waive extradition, and would be arriving in Missoula later this week to face charges, according to a different source within the sheriff's department.

Lino is facing charges of deliberate homicide for killing 32 year-old Gilbert Berry. Lino allegedly carved gang symbols into Berry's skin, urinated on him, then shot him in the head under the Reserve Street Bridge. He then allegedly dumped Berry's body into the Clark Fork River, where it was found several days later by a fisherman.

Sheriff's Public Information Officer Paige Pavalone