After a career that has spanned nearly 40 years, Missoula County Sheriff’s Sergeant Bob Parcell was honored this week by a statewide law enforcement agency.

Parcell’s boss, Sheriff T.J. McDermott provides details.

“On Monday, Sergeant Bob Parcell was awarded the Distinguished Career Award from the Montana Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association,” said Sheriff McDermott. “We had a ceremony on Monday up in Seeley Lake in our district office and Bob was presented with the award for over four decades of dedicated service his community, our sheriff's office, and not to mention his military career, where he's a retired colonel from the U.S. Marine Corps.”

McDermott said Parcell has performed all his duties in the Seeley lake area with courage and honor, having been wounded in the line of duty.

“You know, he wears a lot of different hats up in Seeley Lake and the Swan Valley between all of the public safety services and his work overseeing the Search and Rescue operations up there,” he said.  “He's just a great individual and so deserving of this award. So it was nice. It was a good ceremony. He was able to have some family attend as well. He's super humble guy, but I'm sure proud of him. And I'm glad that Montana Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association selected him for this award.”

McDermott said Parcell has performed all his duties in the Seeley lake area with courage and honor, having been wounded in the line of duty.

Most citizens in Missoula County don’t realize how the relative small number of sheriff’s deputies can cover such a large geographical area.

“Missoula County is 2600 square miles, and so the northern part of Seeley and the Swan Valley all the way to Condon in that area we cover historically with just two deputies,” he said. “We've recently added a third and Sergeant Parcell oversees that entire operation and handles those resident deputies and all the public safety issues up there for us, so we depend on him and He sure does a great job for us.”

By the way, this award does NOT mean that Sergeant Parcell is retiring. McDermott said Parcell is deeply loved and appreciated by the Seeley Lake community.

Due to the COVID 19 pandemic there was no statewide awards ceremony this year, so each award was personally delivered to each deputy in their home county.

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