UPDATE---5:00 p.m. Monday, July 6

MHP Trooper Taylor Gagnon reported that the child involved in an accident early Monday afternoon near the Kona Fishing Access Site 'sustained serious injuries, but is currently in stable condition.'


Early Monday afternoon a toddler was injured after being struck by a boat trailer near the Kona Ranch Fishing Access.

Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Taylor Gagnon spoke with KGVO News as she was heading to St. Patrick Hospital to continue her investigation.

“What we do know right now is that an infant or toddler range child was involved in an accident where they possibly got run over by a boat trailer,” said Gagnon. “The incident is believed to be fully an accident.”

The incident occurred early this afternoon, and the condition of the child is unknown, however, Missoula County Sheriff’s Deputy Ryan Prather said the child had been treated at the scene and was on its way to St. Patrick Hospital.

No other information was available.

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