Missoula Public Schools have had some administrative shuffling after the principal and vice principal of Sentinel High School were suspended for committing what the school system is referring to as an "ethics violation of board policy." Some parents have complained about not knowing the details of the violation, but Superintendent Alex Apostle said he has no regrets about how that information is being handled.

"We have an obligation to respect the individuals that were involved in this situation and we have rules and regulations as it applies to state law," Apostle said. "We followed them very precisely and we followed through in a way that we should have."

Apostle said he has heard very little outcry about the issue.

"I've heard through email from seven parents and I've responded to those parents through email citing the parameters in which we made this decision," Apostle said. "I've also made phone calls to a couple of other parents. So, I have not had barrage of parents, quite honestly, that have addressed this issue with me."

Former Sentinel High School Assistant Principal Lilly Oliver has been reassigned to Hellgate high school. Sentinel High School Principal Tom Blakely is still on leave and it is unclear if he will be reassigned.