Senator Steve Daines has secured a commitment from the Federal Aviation Administration to increase safety after the extension of the Powder River Training Complex in southeastern Montana. Daines expressed his concerns with FAA administrator Michael Huerta during the proceeding yesterday.

"I think we share the same fear that the communications system is a great set up, but I know the folks up there, we arent quite convinced that it goes far enough," Daines said. " Can I get your commitment to work with the local airports and stakeholders to provide appropriate communications and radar equipment necessary to maintain a high level of aviation safety?"

Huerta agreed and said talks were already underway.

“We will certainly continue to work with the community,” Huerta said. “This is something that we’ve spent a lot time really trying to understand and discussions with local stakeholders and users therein.”

The high level of air traffic in southeastern Montana and possible conflicts with military training has concerned many and been a frequent topic of conversation by congress.

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