Senator Steve Daines took to the Senate floor Tuesday night to discuss his work to stop the Obama administration’s "overreach and its devastating impacts" on Montana jobs, natural resources and agriculture industries and state property rights. He quoted an article previously published by the New York Times:

"Farmers fear that the rule could impose major new costs and burdens, requiring them to pay fees for environmental assessments and obtain permits just to till the soil near gullies, ditches or dry steam beds where water flows only when it rains," Daines read.

Daines appeared on FOX Business early Wednesday morning to speak on rights of land owners, ranchers and farmers across the country.

"But the Obama administration's relentless attacks on affordable energy and good-paying union jobs, as well as tribal jobs, continue to hinder innovation," Daines said. "Our farmers, ranchers and local business owners should be empowered to drive local land use decisions; Not a bunch of Washington bureaucrats who can't even find Montana on a map."

Daines later applauded the Senate’s passage of legislation reversing the Environmental Protection Agency’s expansion of the Waters of the United States rule on November 4.