A man arrested last week and accused of stealing food, cigarettes and saxophones from downtown businesses is back in jail again after an altercation that occurred around 6:10 a.m. Monday morning, December 11. Police Public Information Officer Travis Welsh, explains.

“Officers responded to a report of a man who had just forcefully entered his neighbor’s apartment and entered his bedroom where he was sleeping,” Welsh said. “The man reportedly woke up and found his neighbor standing in his bedroom. The male suspect then left. Officers arrived and attempted to make contact with the suspect male that lives in an adjacent apartment.”

Police knew the suspect, 49-year-old Michael Okeefe from last week's encounter and came with a warrant to apprehend him, but police say he did not come peacefully.

“During the course of attempted negotiations, Mr. Okeefe threw a bottle out of his window at one of the officers standing in the yard below,” Welsh said. “He did fight with the officers, at one point drawing an arm back as if to prepare to strike one of the officers. His elbow actually went through a front window causing it to shatter.”

Okeefe was rushed to the hospital after injuring himself on the window. He is facing a trio of new felony charges including Burglary, Assault With a Weapon and Assault on a Peace Officer. This is on top of the seven charges he was facing from last week including charges of felony theft and burglary.


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