Sanders County Sheriff's investigators are praising the actions of a concerned citizen, whose call to authorities led to a major drug bust where hundred of pills were captured and kept off the street.

Investigators seized more than 600 pills in the apprehension of two people. They believe at least some of the pills contained fentanyl. 

In a post on their Facebook page, the sheriff's office says the arrests happened right before Christmas when deputies received a phone tip from a caller giving the license plate number, description of the car, and what they'd seen.

The info led deputies straight to the suspects' car

Even though the car was gone when officers arrived, about an hour later, Deputy Devin Wegener spotted the suspect's car and pulled it over. When his suspicions were raised, Devin called for backup from other deputies and the Montana Highway Patrol, and the two suspects were taken into custody without any getting hurt. 

Sanders County Sheriff's Dept photo
Sanders County Sheriff's Dept photo

Investigators say in addition to the suspected fentanyl, there were various other pills seized, as well as 11 grams of crystal meth and other contraband. 

Deputy Wegener says the bust should be a warning for parents about the availability of brightly colored pills, which could look like candy to children, and should educate themselves to be aware. He reiterated the danger posed by fentanyl, which is suspected of causing a potentially lethal reaction if it comes in contact with exposed skin. 

Charges are pending against the two suspects. 

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