Running as an Independent in Montana is no easy task and candidate Sam Rankin knows that better than most.

Those that choose to run without the support of political parties in Montana must first gather a certain number of signatures, the number required changes from year to year, but in 2014, for example, Rankin needed to gather 17,500 signatures. Needless to say, he didn't quite make the cut.

"I haven't given anyone the number because it's low, it's like less than 5,000," Rankin said. "So, I was a long way off. People aren't involved, they're just not engaged at this point for an independent."

Rankin said that he believes the public will be much more open to an independent candidate once all of the big money advertisement begins rolling into the state for the leading Democratic and Republican candidates.

Rankin is also throwing all of his support behind Democratic Primary candidate John Bohlinger.

"I'm supporting John Bohlinger not because he's a democrat or an ex-lieutenant governor, but because I believe he's got wisdom. I think both of the two front runners, both Walsh and Daines, are pretty young... Hopefully, [Bohlinger] will do what's right and won't be worried about unions, lobbyists, corporate/wealthy individuals and all of the sway that they have now."

Rankin also applauded Bohlinger's campaign promise to run for a single term and hopes that Bohlinger can work in the senate without having to spend all of his time "dialing for money."

Sam Rankin: