Every three weeks in the United States, a child dies from a TV tipping over, and that’s why Safe Kids Missoula is bringing partners and families together to promote National TV Safety Day on Saturday, February 2.

Safe Kids Coalition Coordinator Kira Huck asks parents and caregivers to do a few simple things to make sure kids are safe while they watch ‘the big game’.

“It’s really important to include TV safety checks as part of your child-proofing activities in your home,” said Huck. “We’re just asking that you’re making sure that your TV’s are secure. For flat screens that means they’re either securely mounted on the wall, or you can use an anti-tip strap that attaches the TV to the piece of furniture, or to the wall. For older, heavy box-type TV’s, placing them on a low level piece of furniture can help prevent tipping over.”

Safe Kids Missoula is part of Safe Kids Worldwide that announced recently that 2018 was the deadliest year ever in the U.S. for heatstroke deaths of children left in hot cars. Huck said even though we’re in the middle of winter, it’s never safe to leave your child in the car unattended.

“In Montana, where January is super cold, we’re less at risk than some other states,” she said. “However, leaving your child in the warm, running vehicle while you run into the store creates the habit of leaving the kids in the car. We really recommend that you never leave you child unattended in the car. Some cars have a little reminder that pops up on your dash that says ‘check the back seat’, while there are several apps you can use on your phone to remind you to check the back seat before you leave the vehicle.”

For more TV safety tips, visit here.


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