Ryan Zinke was out campaigning today promoting his plan to expand access to public lands for all Montanans. He claimed to support several other bills related to similar topics, too. Here’s Zinke:

"Montana has a legacy of making sure we have public access for multiple use and make sure we can enjoy that access," Zinke said. "Over the course of time, it's really not about who owns the land. I think we should just manage the land we have better. That's improving access, that's looking at returning some of the access of road closure for reasons that just don't make common sense."

In contrast, Zinke said he’s not supporting Jon Tester’s bill on forest jobs and recreation and added that it needs some work.

"One is that the forest harvest provision, I think it needs to be a little more balanced in that we need to make sure that we can harvest timber," Zinke said. "It doesn't address the lawsuit provision which I think we need to make sure the lawsuit is not frivolous. I think the goal should be to make sure we have healthy forests, make sure we have a prosperous economy, and make sure we protect Montana's legacy."

To view Zinke's Public Access Plan, click here.

Ryan Zinke: