The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation applauded the U.S. Senate this week for approving an energy package that included a stable reauthorization of the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Mark Holyoak said RMEF was fortunate to have the LWCF a part of the reform.

"Basically the LWCF was due to run out in three years. They [Senate] gave the thumbs up to permanently reauthorize that," Holyoak said. "That's really a great thing if you love the outdoors, you love the wildlands out there, those lands can be conserved and better looked after because of this funding."

One particular part of the reform deals with the Equal Access to Justice Act, which allows folks who sue the federal government over land management practices to collect attorney fees.

"We've seen over time that there's been various groups that have used that to line their pockets and it's a bit disturbing because we have so many good management projects that need to happen, to thin some of our forests and put some prescribed burns and noxious weed treatments on the ground that don't get to happen because of that," Holyoak said. "Hopefully this will be able to free things up a little bit and allow some of those projects to go better in a better fashion."

The Senate’s energy bill will now go to a conference committee where members discuss the several versions passed by the House and Senate.


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